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So are you the kind of person who buys all their Christmas presents in July or the sort that’s running around on Christmas Eve wondering what to get? Me, I’m the later, unfortunately. But this year I’ve decided to get organised. And if you to want to beat the rush and get your presents ahead of time, why not do it now? Here’s some of my jewellery all ready and waiting, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your sofa!

Probably one of my favourite pieces Amethyst and silver heart necklace which has matching earrings.

it’s a cute Silver caterpillar necklace of course

Pearl cocktail ring

a sophisticated Pearl cocktail ring . I have more rings with many different coloured gemstones.

initial silver charm M necklace

Get personal with Silver M initial necklace. I have A, C, E, F, H, J, K, L, N, P, R, S, T, and Y charms too.

and finally cos it’s Christmas.. baubles

Christmas bauble red and gold beaded decoration

Gold and red bauble. I have baubles in silver and red, turquoise and silver, red and green, gold and green, and silver and green. If you’d like other colours just let me know.

Merry almost Christmas in July!


So when you’ve made your shape with the metal clay, textured it and dried it, you need to sand the edges and make sure everything is smooth and tidy. It’s a lot easier to do this when it’s clay, rather than after firing.

Now it’s time to fire your piece. You can do this in a kiln, but it’s much more fun to do it with a blow torch. The clay needs to get to about 700oC or more, so you’ve got to have a real blow torch, a candle or something is not going to cut it. With PMC3 or Art Clay 650 the firing time is really short, about two and a half minutes. The clay produces a flame when you first turn the heat on it, it can be a surprisingly big flame, but don’t worry that’s the organic binder burning off. Once the flame has died the sintering begins and it turns into metal.


Sorry about the blurry photo, but you can see the process here. On the left is a dried piece of unfired clay. The middle heart is a fired piece, see it has shrunk a little. The white residue is the natural state of silver. After a scrub with a brass brush the silver colour shows through, as you can see on the right. Magic huh?

It’s taken me ages to do this. I had the idea to make initial necklaces about 3 years ago, and I’ve finally got round to making them.

This is my desk, playing cards are essential to use, first for rolling out the clay so you get an even thickness, and then secondly for drying the clay, you can pop the shapes on a card and move them around more easily.

Once the clay is rolled, textured, and cut it needs to dry. I leave it overnight to ensure it’s completely dry, before I fire it.

It’s also useful to remember to put a hole in the piece before you fire the clay, as it’s easier to make a hole in clay than it is in metal.

Next time I’ll tell you about blow torching stuff in my kitchen, as long as you don’t tell my landlord.


I got a bead loom for Christmas and I’ve been playing with different techniques. Here’s the loom, just like a fabric loom, but a bit smaller. This one fits on my lap comfortably.


I’ve also been debating different ways to finish the bracelet, I like elastic as it’s much easier to wear, but  glue on elastic is a bit ugly and with four strands it can be a irritating on your skin, so I’ve chosen a silver clasp for this amethyst bracelet. And here it is finished….


Feeling inspired I fired up the loom to make another, this time with Botswana Agate. I love all the colours in agate, from green and yellow to grey and orange.


Both finished bracelets, are now for sale, you can see more pictures and buy in my Folksy shop here.

…to think about Christmas. Especially when you’re going to handmake it all. Mum gave me a small ball, and said make a Christmas decoration out of that. It took me a whole day to work it out, but I finally got a version that I happy with. What do you think?

I got very excited and made two more…

and now I’m working on the fourth one, a multicoloured one

So only 274 days until Christmas 2012, better get making!  I have one question for you, what colours are your Christmas decorations?


Ages ago I made some little silver charms from Silver Clay,which I made into necklaces and they’re in my Etsy shop, but I still have some sitting around so today I’ve finally got round to making some more necklaces. 

Here’s my work place, looking very tidy for a change! Image

With with the hard bit over, that is the cutting, sanding, firing, sanding, and polishing, I thought it was time for this caterpillar and bird to make an outing, so I’ve made them into necklaces, ImageImage

and I’ve made two with beads, a little oak leaf with rose quartz beads and a 6-point star with some mother of pearl chips. And you can buy them all in my Folksy shop.Image


I made some new rings yesterday.  I make the base ring from 6mm silver wire, which is the hardest bit and usually ends up with me breaking my thumb nail. Don’t say I don’t suffer for my art! Then I get a nice long piece of 4mm wire and wrap it round the base ring and the gemstones, adjusting until it looks good. It’s pretty hard to balance gemstones on a bit of 6mm wire so that takes some time to get just right.

This one is amethyst. The round chips were a little bit hard to wrap, too shiny and smooth!  Amethyst is the birth stone for February.

This one is garnet, I love the dark red, wine colour.

and this one is red sea bamboo.

I’ll take some more photos tomorrow and get them up on Etsy soon!