Just yesterday I found out about the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival, and with a name like that how could I not go immediately?

It’s on for a week, at Tokyo Dome and is absolutely huge


as well as lots and lots of stalls for fabric, threads and sewing machines, there is an exhibition of quilts from 94 artists, and the annual Japan Quilt Grand Prix. Here is the Grand Prix winner, sorry it’s a poor shot, the crowd around it was similar to the one around the Mona Lisa.


and here’s the winner from the Junior competition, which was a graffiti -themed quilt.


and some more of my favourites…

DSC_0443  DSC_0442  DSC_0441  DSC_0440DSC_0439  DSC_0437  DSC_0436  DSC_0434DSC_0433   DSC_0430  DSC_0438  DSC_0435DSC_0429  DSC_0428  DSC_0426   DSC_0424DSC_0425     DSC_0444

Amazing, huh? Like a terrible person I failed to record the names of the artists of each one, but if you get down to Tokyo Dome before January 30th, you can check them out yourself. Here’s the Great Quilt Festival website.