Here’s a question that has been puzzling me, what counts as handmade? With clothes it’s simple: an item sewn together by a person, probably one-off, but you wouldn’t expect that person to have made the fabric too. With jewellery it seems a bit more complicated, if you take some beads or charms and make them into a necklace, it’s handmade, right? Or not? In my travels around Etsy I’ve seen a few necklaces and bracelets that seem more and more familiar.

Birds on a Branch Necklace, Kissing Bird Necklace, Love Birds Necklace

Sweet Blue Bird Jewelry ($18)

lover bracelet---golden love birds on the branch pendant love bracelet  & antique bronze chain

Lightenme ($4.99)

SALE - Love Birds on Branch Necklace - 14k GOLD Filled - anniversary gift, mom, daughter, sister gift, cute gift

Sweet Melody Shop ($19.55)

Love Birds Necklace Sterling Silver Chain Kissing Birds on a Branch Pendant Isn't it Romantic by RevelleRoseJewelry

Revelle Rose Jewelry ($23)

Love birds on Branch Necklace, kissing birds, by balance9

Balance9 ($21)

Bird branch necklace, rhodium plated love birds, 14K gold plated leaf, sterling silver chain

Sevenstarz ($20)

Birds on a Branch Necklace, Bird Branch Necklace, Love Birds Necklace, lovebirds, sparrow, birds jewelry, silver pendant, plain chain

Roberta Valle ($15)

Gold Birds (love birds) necklace with gold filled chain - birds on branch

A Box for my Treasure (€26)

Gold Bird and Branch Necklace, Kissing Lovebirds

The Bonny Boutique ($14.99)

Love Birds on Branch Necklace - Sterling Silver Chain

Cellas Creations ($20)

Sterling Silver Two Little Love Birds in a Branch Necklace

YMCDesigns ($20)

So what do you think? Handmade?