Angels Faces Portraits is a new shop on Etsy but Angel’s pictures are already flying off the shelves. Angel is based in Bath, UK and draws pencil and ink portraits from favourite photos.

Angel says: “I guess I have always liked drawing but I didn’t really take it seriously until about 4 years ago when I tried to do my first portrait of my baby son. My children are totally my inspiration for most things I do especially my artwork. I love being able to capture them on paper! when I’m not drawing I’m playing cars or superheros with them.”

Custom Portrait from photo. Mothers day.FREE SHIPPING  Pencil drawing to capture your special memory forever

“My drawings take me quite a long time, my pencil portraits at least 10 hours for each face and the ones I do in biro, well they can take 50+ for a large scale piece!”

ACEO MAGNET PUG. Magnet print of my original pug ball point pen and ink drawing

I like this portrait especially:

Custom Portrait from photo. Pencil drawing to capture your special memory forever

You can visit Angel’s shop here, tell her I sent you!