This week we have KatieDidOnline, run by Katie in Hereford, she upcycles textiles and other materials to make lovely, stylish home and kitchen goods. One of her favourite items are coasters, like these beautiful purple ones, which I think are fab, and they’re washable too!

Set of 4 quilted purple coasters

I think her baby bibs and bandanas are fab, like this one, made for the chicest babies in town.

Red bandana bib reversible to navy upcycled

Katie is going to be developing her gardening section in the future, including her upcycled plant labels which come in a pretty fabric bag.

Upcycled seedling labels with fabric pouch in green

I love the fabrics in Katie’s shop, and she has made some lovely aprons, bags, bunting, jam jar toppers, gift bags and cards. Check out the shop here, and read an interview with Katie on the Craft Britannia website here.